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ClearView Consultants works closely with our clients to bring their ideas into focus.  We develop a content strategy and find a powerful story that conveys their message while capturing the attention and interest of viewers.  We identify compelling characters as well as the pertinent locations and situations for events to unfold.  We craft interview question sets designed to elicit responses that will drive the story forward.  We develop scripts and storyboards that allow our clients to visualize the narrative and provide feedback.

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Here the process leaves the page and comes to life.  The planning is put into action as we beautifully light and film our subjects, interviews, locations, and events.  While everything is well thought out, often the greatest moments are unforeseen.  We are a very nimble outfit, always ready to react in the moment to capture the unexpected. 


post production

Nothing in a Japanese garden is left to chance; each stone is chosen according to aesthetic principles, either to hide undesirable sights, to serve as a backdrop to certain garden features, or to create a picturesque scene. 
Such is our post-production process.    Each choice we make in the editing process drives the narrative forward.  Images are often more powerful than words and, wherever possible, we let them speak for themselves.  We pare down images and interviews into a tight well-constructed narrative and add the polish of graphics and music.  Just as at the beginning of the process, we again work closely with our clients revising and refining until we have a clear and compelling piece that tells the story and amplifies the message.

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